Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The big move

Well, that’s it – I’ve handed in my notice and everything’s about to change. In just under six weeks’ time, I’ll be upping sticks, leaving family and friends behind, and lugging all my worldly goods from Edinburgh to Ireland.

My oversized cookbook collection forms a sizeable part of those goods. I’m going to start taking bets on how many boxes I’ll fill with them. Given that there is one bookcase full and several other overflowing shelves/piles around the flat, what do you reckon?

As the big move approaches, I’ll have to suck it up and try to pare down the stacks but I’m a hoader by nature and find it difficult to part with anything, let alone books (blasphemy!), food-related or otherwise. If anything, the collection is going to grow over the next few weeks as I trawl the second-hand shops and visit book fairs… Oh dear.

Book transport logistics aside, I thought it would be good to start blogging about my new life in Ireland and all the cooking, eating and sharing of food I’m hoping lies ahead. It’s also probably a good way for my mum to see that I’m eating properly – she worries a lot.

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