Monday, September 03, 2007

Mind reader

The scene: Mr B is messing around in the living room while our dimpled heroine is clicking away furiously on her laptop in the other room.

Mr B: 'What you doing?'
Me: (Pause) 'Er... nothing much.'
Mr B: 'Are you looking at blogs again?'

Caught out. And with exquisite yet freaky timing too. Mr B caught me indulging my love of all things blog-related just when I was reading this entry from Tinned Tomatoes about a blog addiction test. So I had to check it out and the result was...

74%How Addicted to Blogging Are You?

How weird is that? I'm going to see if the telepathy works the other way by sending him pyschic messages to get me a cup of tea... Nope, it's not working yet. My brain has obviously been rendered too feeble from all this blog reading I'm indulging in.

But I think the addiction has probably just been boosted by a few more percent, seeing as I've logged back in to Blogger and posted about it...

(PS Click on the image above to take the test and find out if you're as sad as me.)

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