Thursday, November 08, 2007

Lovely, lovely links

I keep meaning to update my blogroll, or maybe set up a completely separate page for all my favourites because that list is getting rather long and not everything is food-related and really, maybe I need separate categories and, ooh, suddenly it's getting complicated...

Whilst I go off and figure out some kind of blog taxonomy for my links, here are a few gems I've stumbled across recently that are either making me chuckle or salivate:

Lunch - two architects with a mission to escape the office and eat as much of New York as possible during their lunch hour. Wish I was there too.

Eggbeater - the rest of us may play at making our masterpieces in the kitchen but Shuna is the real deal - a pastry chef with an overwhelming passion for both her subject and life in general.

Mollie Katzen - the Moosewood founder is online! I found this link through Winedeb (cheers!) and I've been clicking through the recipe archive, noting down many, many things to keep me busy in the kitchen. The dilemna is where to start.

Grandad - possibly the most cantankerous resident of Ireland, Grandad sticks his hobnailed boot into whatever subject is unfortunate to cross his path and gives it a good, hard kicking. Warning: this site contains some, no, a lot of strong language.

Mustaches of the Nineteeth Century - if you're on Blogger then you probably saw this pop up as one of the 'top picks' a few weeks ago. At first, I thought that this would be a subject with limited potential but oh, how wrong I was. Go on, take a peek, you know you want to...


winedeb said...

Jen, I am so glad you are enjoying Mollie's site! Now I am going to go visit your links! Have a great weekend!

hellojed said...

Thanks for the recommendations, it's great to have a fresh look at what's out there!