Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Riveting report from the DIY frontline II

Wheeeeeeeee! We're properly interweb connected - broadband and everything. Very fancy pants. Although apparently everyone has it these days and I'm just behind the times...

Anyway, it means I don't have to put my pics on to the computer to transfer them to the USB to take them down to the locak internet place to load them up on to the blog.

No - I can just click a couple of buttons from the comfort of our kitchen and... voila!

And, with another click of the magic button, I can reveal... the kitchen sink!

The kitchen units aren't really blue - that's just the protective film - they're really white. And if you're wondering why some of the doors haven't been added yet... Well, that's a combination of laziness, bad door-hanging skills and a couple of missing pieces. But we'll get there. At least we've got enough bits and bobs sorted out to function and, more importantly, cook delicious things.

So that means all the excuses for not posting about what I'm cooking have disappeared. Darn.

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