Monday, August 20, 2007

Of mice and lions (or are they bears?)

Look at what Dad brought back from Bettys Tearooms.

How cute are they? The mice are little sponge cakes covered with marzipan and the lion-bears are butter biscuits with a jam filling (which makes them posh jammy dogers).

But it's very difficult to eat anything that looks up at you so appeallingly. So Mr. B sensibly picked the eyes off his lion-bear first.

Right, I'm off to enjoy the rest of my holiday. so there probably won't be any posts until the end of August but I promise to take lots of pics for a round-up post. Enjoy the sunshine if there is any (fingers crossed).


Anonymous said...

i would say that the dots either side of the nose suggest that they are lions rather than bears, surely our zoologist pater should be able to accurately categorise them?

Anonymous said...

Bert and Ernie say they're definitely lions.


Anonymous said...

Sorry, but they are definitely teddy bears - I checked when I went back to buy more coffee!