Friday, August 10, 2007

When icecream attacks

Generally, I feel like I should be blogging about healthy food (which, despite the evidence of this blog so far, is what we generally eat - honest), searching out new culinary delights and reporting back on interesting local producers...

Then I stumble across this...

Oh yes - proper Mr Whippy icecream, the likes of which I haven't seen in years. For anyone around the age of 30(ish), this was the taste of childhood summers - right up there with Munch Bunch ice pops and sherbert fountains (proper E-number-crammed crud). Only I don't think that the portions were as big back then - I mean, look at that picture, it's an icecream behemoth! It's coming to take over the world in a bad B-movie near you!

For some reason, Mr Whippy disappeared off the map years ago (or maybe I've just been walking around with a blind spot to all things icecream-related - I didn't develop a real sweet tooth until I met Mr B, so it's entirely possible). Later, there were other brands claiming to offer the same soft, creamy vanilla treat but they were serious fakers - too powdery, too hard, too flavourless, damn it - and my hopes were always dashed.

The best bit, or perhaps it's the worst bit, is that you can pretty much get the real deal in any newsagents around the country.

I will make amends immediately for this serious lapse in reporting by seeking out proper artisan icecream and ordering David Lebovitz's Perfect Scoop.

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